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Big white telephone 1 - All in all, it all began on my way home When I was passing the bar on the corner There were Dam and Rico, Joao do Brazil Martin, Pierro, Jipiño, JC and Phil Refrain Now I'm in my toilets Bended on my knees Talking to god on the… Big white telephone 2 - They hailed me accross the street, come and join us You would'nt dare to go whithout a drink Well, I parked my motor bike, and pushed the bar's door Say, hello there, is it still a little beer left for me 3 - We wetted our whistles my friends and I We spoke about all and nothing had a bunch of laughs We turn into bar flies visiting the city And beer after beer, we finally built a better world 4 - Finally when the bars closed up we were really well-oiled It seems it was too early for some of us to go to bed We went at one's home who cares who it was There were nothing left to drink when we finally went hom
Kooky weather 1 - The street is really silent, Under this heavy smokey sky. The wind's becoming violent, Rain has been falling all the night. The temperature is getting low, The atmosphere is bittersweet. Now the life seems to go-slow, Nobody's out in the street. Ref - You've always been in love with fair weather, Long hot summers, and short winters. But now bad weather, always comes back sooner, You hate that fuckin'… kooky weather ! 2 - It's not just a rainy sunday, To you it sounds like a signal. There wil be no more sunny days, Autumn is here, once and for all. I hear you complain about The foul summer that we have had. The lack of sun there's no doubt, Turned your mood from good to bad. 3 - You say that autumn will be ugly, And that winter will be worse (the worst). Because when summer is nasty, It's just like if we've been cursed. You remember with regrets, The times when the whole summer You were barbecuing whith your mates, Without using a cover. 4 - But next year it will be okay, You won't stay here for summer. You'll gonna sunbathe everyday, And you'll do the same in winter. The temperature will be fine The atmosphere will be pleasant. You will lay out in the sunshine. After swimming in the torrent.
Run Boy Run 05:17
Run boy, run ! 1 - You are thrown to life screaming and bloody, Life is very sweet, no memories until you're three. Then you go to school and think that you are a big boy, But you grow taller and then you change your kinda toy. 2 - You think you're too young, and you wait to be eighteen, You'll do all what you want, that's great, (well) you know what I mean. You already imagine all what you'll be able to do. But one day, you wake up and you're already twenty-two. 3 - You plan to have a good job to get all you need before thirty, Got a wife, two kids, a big house, two cars and pretty doggie. The working life is boring, welcome to the everyday routine, You're running on "e", man, don't look back it's the forties spleen. 4 - You wait for your kids to fly solo and set you free, don't you ? When fifty, you'll be able to do what you always wanted to. In those days of nostalgic memory, you hope to be ageless, But you're sixty now, you can't hide it, it's written on your face. 5 - You want to be a retired person now, to travel the world around, You think you have your life ahead, (but) are you sure to be so strong. Coz' time is still moving fast, and before long you'll become ill. You own your own zimmer, centenary, and you're waiting for you pill. Refrain - Run boy, run ! Run boy, run ! Life goes faster every day. Run boy, run ! Run boy, run ! It won't slow down anyway. You speed right into the wall, (There will be) no escape at all.
My Bride 04:13
My bride (I miss you) 1 -- I'm running home after work, I'm late, You have already gone to work my mate. I don't feel welcomed in that empty home, I feel sad and lonely, so I roam. Ref -- I am not ashamed to tell you that I miss you, That I would do anything to get you by my side. I know that in the married life the sky is'nt always blue But after so many years, you are still… my bride. 2 -- I'm unwilling to watch TV, alone. Coz' it reminds me that you are gone. The evenings seem to last for ever, It's so different when we are together. 3 -- You (often) told me that I should appreciate, To be whithout you at home, all quiet. But I am quickly tired to be on my tod, When you leave home to get on the road. 4 -- It is not that I hate to be alone, I really love to stay on my own. But you've been away for far too long, And my loneliness is growing strong.
Green Eyed Monster 1- We met… We met on friday thirteenth, It was the day… The day before Valentine's. We had life boiling under our skins, We were bound to be more than friends. We were beautiful, we were growing taller… We were sure to always remain together… 2 - Our life… Our life was sweet and happy. So what ? Yeah what could we ask for more ? We were young, and life was going lazy, We had our brand new love to explore We were so euphoric, life was going softer… We were sure to always remain together… 3 - Somehow… Somehow, we were perfect lovers, But sometimes… Sometimes, you flew out of our bed. I did'nt care, I was in such a loving fever, And I was the one, so you said. We were free, our love was going higher. We were sure to always remain together… Bridge - We were sinless and invincible, Nothing could ever endanger us. You and me were just indivisible, But the routine, but lassitude, but the green eyed monster… 4 - So once… So once, I chose to leave for ever, Coz' our love… Our love was no longer your worry. You didn't even see me starting over… You were probably merely too busy. But we were sure to be forever lovers… Yes, we were sure to always remain together…
Riding with Pat in a 1981 AcaDiane. I'm riding with Pat in a 1981 Acadiane We surf the asphalt, we hit at the bend the 2 horsepower is rending in the land We wear leather boots, we ve got steel briquets Our pockets are full of holes and crickets Don't care about laws what we need is to move on I'm riding with Pat in a 1981 Acadiane How many devils have we met on the crossroads How many romances did we dream along the road? We contracted some pacts Now we play guitars We get a lot of joy Love is a long time ! We remove all thought with our dirty greasy hands We're riding with Pat in a 1981 Acadiane Sometimes we break down the engine is old The dead rusty ship run ashore in a cove We are stopped, running is over ! lying down the ground we check the machine out under the stars We look for new rhymes
Since You're Gone. 1 - The wind was blowin' from the north all night long, The sky was overcast, and the air was going cold. It was about to snow, I wanted to see it falling with you, So I got my coat , and went out like we used to do. But the snow never came… And you were still away. No, the snow never came… And you'll never, ever, come my way. 2 - It was chrismas and I was walkin' down the streets, When I saw this man preaching, upright on these seats. "Don't you want your soul to be saved ?", he was saying, So I drop a coin, I didn't wanna play with this sort of things. But my soul ain't been saved… And you were still away. No, my soul ain't been saved… And you'll never, ever, come my way. 3 - The sun was rising up on splendid brand new day, The nature was waking up, spring was here to stay. I was so impatiently waiting for the end of fall, To go out with you in the streets to take a stroll… But the sun wasn't bright enough… And you were still away. No, the sun wasn't bright enough… And you'll never, ever, come my way. 4 - I went on a journey to Rome, at the end of summer, To go back to the sights we used to visit together. I was quite in a hurry to see the Trevi's fountain, And to have an italian ice cream, with you again. But the ice cream didn't taste the same… And you were still away. No, the ice cream didn't taste the same… And you'll never, ever, come my way.
In Loving Memories 1 - I can see in your tears So much pain, so much fear I can see in the deep of your eyes Something that tells me that he's still alive 2 - It doesn't matter you call it, Nirvana, paradise, or shangri-la. All that you expect is to believe There will be a continuation after you leave. 3 - I'm not well aware about life after death, or what goes on after our last breath. But as long as you won't be forgeting He will be with you, so it seem. Refrain -- I'm not a believer, I'm not asking for heaven, I'm not waiting for a better life to be given. I really don't know where the dead people go. Where they'll stay is the only thing I know.
Lost Cats 04:40
Lost Cat I lost my cat Saturday night My sweet little cat It's gone away out of my sight in the field of frightening bats Where are you missing beast? In the east in the west Where are you ? missing beast Still alive? are you dead? In wich part of the neighbourhood Does your shaggy body lie Under a log hiding in a wood Swiming in a pool of blood I rummaged through every place where I used to see your mouth And I shake everythings up In the attic in the shed Where are you missing beast on the doorstep I stand up, my gosht's shadow hit the ground I discern in the pitch-dark place Many forms… evil dancer I envy you snakes in the grass No possessions no surrender Just to take out your hairy ass follow your instinct little scrapper If I lost my head, if I were brave I would jump onto the wild I want to feel when freedom is real I will pursue on your trail I hear behind me the Siren voices They would like to keep me home The better for me the safer for me I saw your bright eyes on the plain
Song N°6 03:23
Song Number 6 1 -- I'm trying to write the song number 6, But nothing comes up to my mind. I don't know what to write or sing, I'm searching but I can't find. Refrain -- My head is filled by a big hole, Now it's sure that I'm in a fix. I won't write anything at all, Oh, fuckin' song number 6. 2-- All I got is a sad melody, And not a word to put on it. On which topic could it be ? I can't find a theme that fits. Well… 3-- I would like to write a story, With loads of things happening. Or a song full of sincerity, With my love and my feelings. But… 4-- That could have started with "There's a place where lovers go" But what should be after this, Well I really still don't know. Cause… 5-- I really would like to write The story of our new band Something which sounds really bright Written by an expert hand. When… 6-- How many unfinished songs Will I have to throw away ? Before I get a really good song, Something that could make my day. Oh…
For the Money 1 - We're looking for the perfect style We've been working on it for a while The one that will lead us to the top Rich and famous will be the next stop We won't make it latino Coz it's over a long time ago Forget that brazilian style, We already tried it for a while. Refrain -- Coz we're in it for the money. All that we want is a great success Business is the only creativity. All that we need is a good process. 2 - We won't play it drum'n'bass It's no longer kickin' ass We just can't play that punk coz' it's dead, now it's just junk We won't build a sinny pop song This is not the way for popular song We don't dream about that rock beat It'll never lead us to that big hit 3 - Why ask about singing the blues It'll never blow up the fuse We have made an electro track Will it give you a heart attack ? We won't write antifolk poems They're too sleepy for shakin' brains We won't try to make it funky Great rhythm but too much oldy 4 - Our blockbuster is on its way Here we come, we're here to stay We just have to find our way up Hardware and software, it's all set up We're in it for the money We're in it for the money Just in it for the money …


released March 17, 2012




Polk Nation Nantes, France

Imaginez que vous êtes membre d’une de ces tribus Folk qui vivent à la frontière des villes. Imaginez que vous portez des boots en cuir, un pantalon de drap dur, un baudrier aux larges boucles métalliques, imaginez que vous êtes un être errant... que votre odeur corporelle n’est plus neutre et que vos mains sont calleuses... Alors vous aimerez la musique et les histoires du road band Polk Nation. ... more

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